Sunday, 25 June 2017

In the Garden

A quick post from my garden this week to show you another top. This one is different with a feature colour and front tie together with the usual button front. It is short sleeved and in a pale pink which I think tones reasonably well with my black skirt.

It cost me £3.00 and is ideal for wearing in the warm summer weather we are enjoying at the moment. Thankfully it is only about 20 C today -  the temperatures reached a humid 34 C last week which made any work unbearable.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Pale Blue Top

I am not sure about this loose fitting pale blue top. It is my latest charity shop buy and it was in a bargain £1 per item clearance box. It has decorations to add interest around the short sleeves but I feel that the style does little for my figure. I thought it might be cool to wear in the current heatwave we are enjoying as most of my tops are close fitting but I don't think it makes much difference.

Do you think it suits me or should I donate it back?
The hot summer sunshine has enabled me to catch up on a lot of jobs in the garden. The summer bedding and roses are now in full bloom and a splash of colour greets me when I return home from work each day. The vegetable plot is also looking good now that I have cleared the weeds and in a few weeks we should be enjoying fresh home grown produce!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

New Dress and Old Cars

Apologies for no post last week - I was unwell for a few days and then had lots of catching up to do.

This dress is my latest charity shop purchase. It is a different colour for me (making a change from turquoise!) and cost me £4.50. It has a black belt and black button details on the short sleeves. It is knee length - the length which I prefer.

We went as a family to our local classic car rally recently. My son Henry and my husband both love looking at classic cars and my daughter, Hannah, likes to takes photos to add to her photography portfolio.
Henry's favourite was this wonderful 1971 Ferrari - he would have loved a ride in it!
This was Hannah's favourite - a beautifully restored 1930's Morris 8 Soft top
My husband chose this 1930's Austin saloon
I had to choose this 1950's MG saloon as it's colour scheme includes turquoise!

We had an enjoyable hour looking at the gleaming cars which are lovingly cared for by their owners.
Do you like looking at cars from a bygone era?

Friday, 26 May 2017

Summer Trousers

No real charity shop bargains this week so just for a change I thought I would post on an item of clothing I actually bought new in a High Street shop!

I had some vouchers for my birthday back in March and over the Easter Holidays we went shopping. Hannah and Henry needed some new school clothes and I bought these trousers with my vouchers. Trousers that fit properly without the need for alterations are not easy to find in charity shops although I have been lucky occasionally. 

Regular readers of my blog are all too familiar with my love of turquoise so when I saw these cotton trousers in my size I just had to buy them. They may be a little tighter than I normally like but they are so comfy and lightweight, ideal for the warmer weather.  I am not so self conscious of my bottom showing when I wear trousers as I was when I first started to wear them. I did not really have any trousers suitable to wear in the summer so I am sure these will get lots of wear in the next few months. They are a George label and cost about £15.00.

Are they something you would wear?

Saturday, 20 May 2017

White on Black

I was pleased to buy this dress in a charity shop this week. It is rather a bold pattern with large white spots on a black background. I am not sure if it qualifies as polkadot. Anyway, it is my ideal length and has a high neckline to add modesty. It also has a contrasting white belt which adds a finishing touch. It is sleeveless which means I need to add a cardigan until the weather really warms up.

It cost me £4.50 and the label is "Morley"

What do you think?

Friday, 12 May 2017

Mauve Dress

No sign of anything in turquoise this week!

My latest charity shop find is this mauve dress. It is a relatively new colour for me but it is knee length with a high neck line to make it modest. It has a Phillips label which I have not come across before but it seems to be good quality. It cost me £4.50 and will be ideal for wearing at weekends during the summer.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Summer Jacket

I bought this jacket in the autumn and have just brought it out of my wardrobe. You can often get good bargains in charity shops when they sell off their end of season stock and this summery jacket only cost me £2.75! The shop obviously didn't want to store it through the winter.

It is ideal for wearing at this time of the year when it can still be a little chilly at times. I think that the bright pattern is rather cheerful. Do you like it?

Sunday, 30 April 2017

May Day

It will be May tomorrow and we have a Bank Holiday in the UK so I hope to be busy in my garden planting vegetables and flowers. I removed all the winter weeds and cultivated the soil  few weeks ago but it has been too cold for most of the tender plants. We actually had a frost last week. We have also had very little rainfall so unusually I am hoping for a few showers once I have my plants in to give them a good start.

On the charity shop front, I have had a quiet week. This top (yes, turquoise again I know!) is my latest purchase. It was in a bargain bin for £1 and, while it is not in pristine condition, it will be fine for wearing around the house or garden. 

The trousers you have seen before. I wore them to work when we had our charity day a few weeks ago. Once the weather really warms up, I will be getting out my summer skirts and dresses - I can't wait!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Charity Shops in Scotland

As you can imagine, we visited a few charity shops on our trip to Scotland and I bought a few items! It is great exploring completely new charity shops not knowing what to expect. There is always a wide variety in quality of goods and prices which is part of the whole experience. It is always very wise to carefully examine each item before you buy it as some shops do not check as thoroughly as others and I have found clothes on sale with missing buttons, stains and tears etc.

My first purchase was this turquoise skirt. Regular readers of my blog will know that turquoise is one of my favourite colours. This skirt is shorter that I would have liked but it only cost £2.50. May be it would be better worn over leggings and I will give that look a go at some point.
My second purchase was this lavender top. It is nice and snug and as I do not have many tops in this colour it is something different for me. It cost £3.50 and was new. It has a George label still attached.
It seems to tone well with my black trousers.

My daughter, Hannah, was experimenting with some new photography equipment when she took these photos and we decided to take some shots from an unusual angle - just to be different. A few years ago I would never have posted a photo of my bottom in trousers on my blog but I have become less self conscious in trousers now and do not necessarily wear tunics or long tops each time I wear them in public.

Have a good week!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

At the Zoo

We have just returned from a lovely short break in Scotland. We stayed in a small family run hotel in a fairly remote spot to the west of Stirling. It was so quiet and peaceful. The weather was kind to us and was warm and sunny on most days. 

I wore this striped skirt on one of the warmer days. The photo was taken in the hotel garden and I added a cardigan before we left for the day. I bought the skirt a few days before our holiday. I love the longer length and it only cost me £2.50. It has a Next label.

It was good to wear some different skirts and dresses now that we are well into spring and I think I only resorted to trousers once when we went for a walk.

We had some lovely drives out into the countryside of mid-Scotland where there is some magnificent scenery but probably the highlight was our trip to Edinburgh and the Zoo. It occupies a vast site and is wonderfully landscaped but hilly. It took us longer than expected to see everything but it was an amazing day and Hannah and Henry loved every minute.
We were lucky to get a glimpse of the male panda. He spent a long time munching bamboo on his platform but eventually came down for a wander.

If you are ever in Edinburgh a trip to the Zoo is a must!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

White Shirt

Just a quick post this week as by the time you read it, we will be on our way to Scotland for a long weekend. We always try to have a mini break at this time of the year, once the weather starts to warm up and we have decided upon this weekend as next weekend will be busy with the Easter

I always like to be home and go to Church on Good Friday and Easter Day.

This shirt is quite plain but very suitable for work with my black skirt. It cost £2.50 in a charity shop and was in virtually new condition. I will get a lot of wear out of it during the coming months.

Next week, I will post some pictures from our break.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Navy Floral Dress

Last week I bought this navy dress with a pink floral pattern. It was on a £1 rail in a charity shop but I am not too sure if I will keep it. The belt is a little tight and becomes slightly uncomfortable if I wear it for a long time. 

We are having a mini break to Scotland next week end and I may take it with me to wear during one of the evenings as I rather like the colour and pattern. I will make my mind up as to whether to keep it afterwards.

We love visiting Scotland and it will be great to have a break at the start of the school holidays now that the weather is improving and the daylight hours are getting longer.

I will post some photos in due course!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Crazy Day

Thank you for all your suggestions for my Comic Relief dress down day outfit. I decided eventually to wear my colourful shirt and blue trousers. It was a completely different outfit to my normal work clothes - we have a black/white corporate dress code - and it was interesting to see some of my normally ultra serious colleagues in casual outfits. We raised over £100 from donations and sale of cakes at lunchtime which made the event worthwhile.
My latest charity shop purchase is this knee length grey skirt. It is quite plain but will go with a number of different tops and will no doubt get a lot of wear during the spring/summer. It only cost £1.25 on a bargain rail so I couldn't go far wrong!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Dress Down Day

In my last post, I wrote about our dress down day at work on Friday to raise money for Comic Relief (which for my non-UK readers is a nationwide charity event). We need to wear a casual top and jeans which caused me a headache as I am probably one of the few women around who does not like jeans - I have actually never owned a pair!
Anyway, I thought I would step outside my comfort zone during my lunchtime on Thursday and see if I could find an inexpensive pair of jeans I could buy just for the day. I had tried on some jeans a few years ago when my best friend tried to persuade me to buy some and I remember how uncomfortable they felt. I thought it would give it another go and ventured into one of the stores that sold budget clothes and tried on some jeans.

I managed to take a photo in the changing room. The one pair that fitted properly I felt were far too tight around my thighs and bottom. I am always self conscious of my bottom when wearing trousers and you will see that these jeans emphasises the shape of my bottom far too much and would be against my standards of modest dress. I just would not feel comfortable wearing them.
I have two alternative outfits - the first is this fun shirt which I could wear with my blue trousers. The shirt is quite long and hides my bottom!
The second is leggings with a tunic. I bought these leggings two years ago and wore them on holiday. I am not a huge leggings fan but they are far more comfortable than jeans and give a casual appearance.

What do you think - your comments will influence my decision!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Comic Relief Day

For my non-UK blogger friends, I must explain that we have two major charity events each year - Comic Relief in March and Children in Need in November. Millions of pounds are raised at each event and there is massive TV coverage and fund raising events in nearly every city, town and village.

This year, Comic Relief is on Friday, March 24th and, much to my surprise, my office is taking part. My organisation is usually strict on corporate image and we have to wear smart white blouses and black jackets, skirts or trousers every day. However on this one day we are all taking part in a "dress down day" and putting a donation into the charity bucket for the privilege. We are also selling Red Nose Day cakes from our foyer. These are simple sponge cakes with white icing and a single cheery on top.

The "dress down day" will involve us wearing casual shirts or tunics (no problem) and jeans. The jeans will cause me a headache as regular readers of my blog will realise that I must be one of the few women of my age group who does not own a pair of jeans. 

I have never owned a pair of jeans. The nearest I have got was trying on a pair in a shop in 2015 when my best friend Lisa was attempting to persuade me to buy a pair. The post is here Jeans shop I found them very clingy and uncomfortable around my legs and bottom and they drew attention far too much to the shape of my body. I am also not that keen on the image of denim.

Since 2015, I have relented in the case of my daughter, Hannah, and she now has several pairs of jeans which she wears at weekends. I didn't want her to be different from her friends who all wear jeans but Hannah's are straight jeans rather than skinnies and do not cling around her bottom and they certainly aren't the distressed variety!

I have not decided what to do yet for Comic Relief Day. Chickening out and taking the day off is not an option as I have no leave yet in this leave year which ends on 31st March and we are having a busy period in the office anyway.

I would welcome your thoughts. Am I the only non-jean wearing woman that exists? Should I grit my teeth and buy a cheap pair just for the day?

Comments please!

Friday, 3 March 2017


I don't wear boots that often (apart from rubber boots in the garden) but found these in a charity shop priced at £5.00 and they were my size. I tried them on and they fitted and were comfortable so I just had to buy them. I know the winter is coming to an end but we may still get some cold wet weather so I could easily get some wear out of them before next autumn.

The skirt was unsurprisingly another charity shop purchase and cost me £3.00 a month or so ago and now temperatures are gradually rising, I am starting to wear skirts again more regularly. I like the length of this skirt - just below my knees - making it quite modest.

My black top and white jacket have been in my wardrobe for some time. 

My office is surprisingly talking part in Comic Relief Day in a few weeks. For non-UK readers this is a Charity Fund Raising Day carried out nationally lead by massive media coverage. It will cause an issue for me concerning my outfit for the day and I will seek your advice in my next post!

Friday, 24 February 2017


This is the first outdoor photo of 2017!

I bought this dress on a reduced price rail last week for £2.50. I rather liked the floral pattern on a blue background. It is also a length that I prefer to make it more modest in appearance.

Although it was a rare sunny afternoon, I soon retreated indoors and added a cardigan to this outfit as it was not that warm. The hours of daylight are now increasing and I am getting the feeling that winter is coming to an end with crocus bulbs now in bloom in a sheltered part of my garden.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Sky Blue

A sky blue short sleeved summer top is my latest charity shop find. It cost £2.50 and had a Velux label which I had not heard of before. I like the shade of blue and the decorative stitching. It seems to compliment my black skirt which has been in my wardrobe for several years.

The weather is actually improving here in the UK and is nearing 10 C with temperatures of 15 C possible next week. It is noticeable how some bright sunshine lifts your mood and I have daffodils in bud in my garden which means spring may just be around the corner.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Office Clothes

As I didn't buy too much this week, I have decided to search through some photos Hannah took last year but didn't get posted at the time.

The white sleeveless top was in a bargain bin for £1.00 and you can't go far wrong at that price. I have had the wide belt for a long time and it gives the top a finishing touch.

It is very unusual to find a pair of trousers in a charity shop which actually fit perfectly so I couldn't believe it when I found this pair of black straight leg trousers which are ideal for wearing to the office. I tend to wear black skirts to work in the warmer weather and trousers once it starts to get cold usually by mid-November. These cost me £4.50 and I have worn them quite often recently.

Do you wear trousers to work more than skirts in the winter?

Friday, 3 February 2017

1st 2017 Charity Shop Purchase

A white dress found in a local charity shop this week has become my first purchase for 2017. Bad weather and feeling a little unwell restricted my tour of the shops in early January. The dress has an interesting decorative collar and will be ideal for evening wear or perhaps outside when it is warmer with a cardigan. I have added a belt as a further feature.

What do you think?

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Looking 6 Months Ahead!

It is still dull and overcast here in the UK so as I have not got any new charity shop bargains to write about this week, I found a photo that Hannah took last summer which I didn't get around to post.

This dress, I think, cost £4.00. It is sleeveless so needs a cardigan to go with it unless the weather is really hot. I thought it was linen when I first saw it but it is actually a cotton/synthetic mix. The colours around the bottom are interesting and I thought that the belt gave a finishing touch.

There is not much chance of wearing it at the moment but it is good to look forward to next summer.

My blood test showed a chemical imbalance. A gland is producing too much of a certain chemical. I will be monitored with regular blood tests for a while but may need key-hole surgery to correct it in the future. I am feeling OK at the moment but do feel slightly lethargic at times.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Forgotten Shirt

I had a day off work today to get a blood test at my surgery as I have been feeling a little unwell since the start of the year. I cannot really describe it but I have been lethargic and have lost my balance a few times. I have to wait about a week for the results of the blood test.

I spent the afternoon tidying my bedroom and found this shirt in a cupboard still in its bag. I had completely forgotten about it - the till receipt showed that I bought it last June! I tried it on and Hannah took this picture when she came in from School. I am sure that I will wear it a lot next summer.

Have you ever had finds like this?

Another casual top which I bought last year was this one in pink. I never got round to doing a post on it. I see from Hannah's pictures that it was when I was experimenting with lighter hair! I do not have many pink tops and this one fitted rather well. It has a partial zipped front and adjustable sleeves.
I have not worn this top as much as I would have liked but it only cost me £3.00 and I will keep it for a little longer.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Dreaming of Summer

I have been feeling a little "out of sorts" for a few days now and add to that the depressing weather with dull dank days and high winds, I have not ventured out unless really necessary. I quite envy those blogging friends who have experienced snow recently in the USA and Europe as I think I would have preferred it to the mild, damp conditions here.

I have not got any new charity shop bargains to share with you this week but I have gone through some pictures Hannah took back in the summer which I didn't get around to posting and found one of this dress. It is not one of my favourites as I think it makes me look a little large, even with the decorative belt.

It was nearly new - starting its life in New Look - and I bought it because it was a length that I like. It has a floral pattern and is sleeveless. It cost me £4.00. I am not sure if I will keep it for the coming summer - maybe if I find some dresses which are more complimentary to my body, I will donate it back so that the charity will benefit again and someone else may enjoy it.

What do you think?

Friday, 6 January 2017

Something New!

It is not often that I buy new clothes these days as regular readers of my little blog will know that I am a charity shop addict and spend part of my lunch break each day looking for bargains on their rails.

However I had some vouchers for some High Street stores as Christmas presents this year so I decided to see if I could find anything I liked in my size. I thought I would spend the vouchers entirely on lingerie but then I came across these trousers in Peacocks. They are in what they called "comfort style" with a very slight flare and in a shade of mid blue. 

It is not easy to find trousers that fit well in charity shops and most of my trousers are in black so that I can wear them to work so mid blue would make a change for me. They cost £19.99 and my husband complimented me on how good I looked in them!

What do you think?