Friday, 21 July 2017

Red Dress

I do not own many red clothes so when I came across this red dress with a white floral pattern in my size in my favourite charity shop last week, I just had to buy it. It cost me £4.50. It has a white belt feature which enhances my waist and is knee length - the length I always prefer.

It will make a change from my usual blue/turquoise outfits and will look good with a cream cardigan for cooler evenings.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I don't like jeans. I am probably the only woman in her late 30s who does not own and has never owned a pair of jeans. My daughter, Hannah, has recently been persuading me to start wearing jeans - and I have to admit a pair might be useful to wear around the garden - but I have something of an aversion to denim.

A few days ago, Hannah spotted a new pair in a charity shop and nagged me until I tried them on. She had her camera with her (I didn't know at the time) and took my picture in the changing cubicle.
They just didn't feel right on me somehow - too tight around my bottom which looks rather large in this picture - and restrictive. I decided not to buy them - Hannah was disappointed - but they were not comfortable.

Is there anyone else who shares my views on jeans or am I alone on this one?

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Black Top

It's been an indoors sort of day today as we have had light rain for most of the time. It is ideal for the garden but it is a pity it came on a Saturday as I have a lot of jobs to do in the vegetable plot.

My charity shop find this week is this top. I bought it to wear casually but it is in new condition and has rather an interesting leaf decoration which adds interest and I think I could wear it successfully for evenings out.

It cost me £2.50 and has a WCF label which I am not familiar with. I tones quite well with my dark grey trousers.

Do you like it?

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Evening Dress

We do not normally attend a lot of formal social functions but we have been invited to a garden party in about 10 days time. It is connected to my husband's work and it is important that we attend. I am sure that I will feel a little uncomfortable as I am not that good at mixing with people that I know and engaging in conversation. I also have to avoid alcohol whenever possible due to a chemical imbalance in my blood.

Anyway, I have been searching for an outfit and have two possibilities. Firstly this yellow dress with a black belt. It has been in my wardrobe for rather a long time. It was a charity shop find but I can't remember how much it cost. Probably no more than £5.00.
An alternative would be this polkadot dress I bought this week. Again it has a belt detail and a sort of pleats which adds interest. It cost me £5.50. This dress is longer and I am slightly concerned that it may cause me to trip as I am not used to wearing dresses of this length.

Which would you choose?

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Sky Blue

Another top to tell you about this week. This time in sky blue with an unusual decorative tie detail. It cost me £2.50 in my favourite charity shop and it is in a cool cotton fabric.

The weather has cooled dramatically this week from 30+ C down to 18 C. It was a bit of a shock to the system and I wore trousers to the office on Thursday and Friday which is unusual for me at this time of the year. We have had spells of rain though which is very welcome for the garden and saves me the task of watering each evening. 

How are you coping with the weather?

Sunday, 25 June 2017

In the Garden

A quick post from my garden this week to show you another top. This one is different with a feature colour and front tie together with the usual button front. It is short sleeved and in a pale pink which I think tones reasonably well with my black skirt.

It cost me £3.00 and is ideal for wearing in the warm summer weather we are enjoying at the moment. Thankfully it is only about 20 C today -  the temperatures reached a humid 34 C last week which made any work unbearable.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Pale Blue Top

I am not sure about this loose fitting pale blue top. It is my latest charity shop buy and it was in a bargain £1 per item clearance box. It has decorations to add interest around the short sleeves but I feel that the style does little for my figure. I thought it might be cool to wear in the current heatwave we are enjoying as most of my tops are close fitting but I don't think it makes much difference.

Do you think it suits me or should I donate it back?
The hot summer sunshine has enabled me to catch up on a lot of jobs in the garden. The summer bedding and roses are now in full bloom and a splash of colour greets me when I return home from work each day. The vegetable plot is also looking good now that I have cleared the weeds and in a few weeks we should be enjoying fresh home grown produce!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

New Dress and Old Cars

Apologies for no post last week - I was unwell for a few days and then had lots of catching up to do.

This dress is my latest charity shop purchase. It is a different colour for me (making a change from turquoise!) and cost me £4.50. It has a black belt and black button details on the short sleeves. It is knee length - the length which I prefer.

We went as a family to our local classic car rally recently. My son Henry and my husband both love looking at classic cars and my daughter, Hannah, likes to takes photos to add to her photography portfolio.
Henry's favourite was this wonderful 1971 Ferrari - he would have loved a ride in it!
This was Hannah's favourite - a beautifully restored 1930's Morris 8 Soft top
My husband chose this 1930's Austin saloon
I had to choose this 1950's MG saloon as it's colour scheme includes turquoise!

We had an enjoyable hour looking at the gleaming cars which are lovingly cared for by their owners.
Do you like looking at cars from a bygone era?