Friday, 19 January 2018

Red Dress

With the bad weather recently, I have not had an opportunity for outside photos but I found this one from August which I didn't get around to posting.

The knee length dress cost me about £4.00 (I can't remember exactly). I don't normally wear much in pink/red preferring blues and greens but I thought I would buy it for a change. It was a different style for me as well with the pleated effect and I added a belt around the middle.

However, I noticed a flaw in the material and decided to donate it back as the charity shop can get money for substandard garments/rags from recycling companies.

The black jacket I bought new and I often wear it to work over a white blouse.

Part of the fun of charity shop browsing is that you never know what you might find - but you do make mistakes and must take the rough with the smooth. Fortunately if you do make a mistake it is not costly!

Friday, 12 January 2018

First Charity Shop Find of 2018

Now we are back into our regular routine after the holiday period, I have resumed my regular visits to the local charity shops. They are now receiving regular donations again and restocking their rails.

I found this top for £2.50 which will be ideal for evenings out when the weather improves. It is in a shade of deep blue and has detailing and features around the various edges.
It teams well with some dark blue trousers which I bought nearly two years ago. I am quite pleased with this top and will probably keep it.

Hannah took the pictures and will add these to her college photography portfolio. She is still keen to make a career in photography.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Tunic Top

I bought this tunic top in the autumn but forgot to complete a post on it. The photo was taken when the weather was warmer!

It is in pale orange and a loose fit. As usual I have added a belt (which I already owned) to create interest. The tunic cost about £2.50. I would have preferred it to be slightly longer to fully cover my bottom when wearing trousers but at that price I couldn't resist it. I am now less self conscious about my bottom being on view when wearing trousers than I used to be.

I have been wearing trousers far more than I used to this winter as it has been extremely windy and changeable. We are lucky in the UK not to experience the severe weather affecting parts of the USA at the moment. 

Are you wearing trousers more than skirts/dresses this winter?

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Christmas Presents

We had a great family Christmas and it all seemed to be over so quickly after such a long build up.
Our daughter, Hannah, wanted some advanced photography equipment and couldn't wait to try it out so on Christmas afternoon she got me to pose by a floral decoration in a top which my husband bought for me.

Regular readers of my blog will not be surprised to see it is in my favourite colour, turquoise. It is slightly figure hugging but I am sure I will wear it a lot next summer.
We bought Hannah a white jumper and she let her father try out her new lenses yesterday and he took some photos of her wearing it. She has grown considerably taller during the past year and we are now nearly the same height. I forget that she will soon be 16 and is fast becoming an adult. 
The top came from M & S and has an interesting pattern below the shoulder line. She was really pleased with it and will wear it when we go out at weekends.

Did you get some lovely clothes as presents this year?

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Christmas Celebrations

It is my office Christmas Party on Monday and I will be wearing my Christmas Jumper once again.  I bought this jumper last year in Peacocks. It has a robin skiing and wearing a red woollen hat.

I don't have a charity shop find this week as I have been really busy with Christmas preparations and not had too much spare time to tour the shops. Don't worry normal service will be resumed in the new year.

We went to Hannah's School Carol Service last Thursday and sang about 12 traditional carols - it was wonderful!

On Sunday we are going to another Carol Service - this time in our local Church where we will have the Christmas Story told from the Bible with our favourite carols.

I firmly believe that we should celebrate the true meaning of Christmas rather than the commercialism we experience today. We will, of course, exchange presents - but nothing too expensive. We will attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and enjoy the Church Bells announcing the coming of our Lord as we walk home.

I would like to wish all my blogger friends a very Blessed and Happy Christmas!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Party Outfit

I am not one who regularly dresses up for formal occasions but we had a works function a few days ago which doubled up as a presentation event for someone who was leaving and our Christmas meal.
I was feeling a little under the weather with a heavy cold but as I had already purchased tickets for my husband and myself we decided to go - and we enjoyed ourselves.

I wore this maxi dress in pale pink which I had in my wardrobe for several years without wearing it. It still had a charity shop ticket on it for £7.50! The dress had a matching scarf. I also wore a white jacket which recently cost me £6.00. It is fairly light-weight but gave added warmth on a cold night. The colour is not very practical as it will show every mark but it is useful for this sort of occasion when I need to look my best!

What do you think?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

White Belt

I bought this red dress with a white floral pattern a few weeks ago when my favourite charity shop had a sale of their remaining summer stock. It only cost me £2.50. I tend to prefer dresses with sleeves and I don't normally wear red from choice. However, at that price I was happy to make an exception!

The white belt had been in my wardrobe for a long time and I think it gives the outfit a finishing touch. Do you agree?