Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Sorry for a lack of a new post recently but I was off sick for about 10 days and then had a lot of catching up to do both at home and work.

The weather here in the UK has been strangely mild for mid-October and we experienced air from Africa a day or so ago which deposited a film of red dust on everything and gave the sun an unusual hazy but red glow for a few hours.

Anyway, you may notice my red hair - I did some experimentation when I was confined to the house and it went wrong - far more vivid a colour that I intended.

The blouse is from a charity shop - 50 p in a bargain bin! It is a fairly loose style. My skirt is shorter than I normally like but it was £2.50 and is suitable for work. It has a Next label. 

My shoes cost £4.00. Red is an unusual colour for shoes in my case. However they are comfortable and give a bright flash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

What do you think folks?

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sky Blue

I have been off sick for most of the past week - so no new charity shop finds to show you. However I did find a photo of an interesting short sleeve summer top which I forgot to include in a post earlier in the year.

It is in various shades of light blue and has an unusual design which makes it appear as two garments. The bottom half is plain and tight fitting whereas the top is patterned with decorative edges. The top cost me £2.00 and I wore it on several occasions when the weather is warm.

My problem stems from a chemical imbalance which makes me feel light headed and I tend to lose my balance. It is likely that I will need a minor operation in the future to deal with an overactive gland.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

New to me Coat

Autumn is now officially with us and there is definitely a chill in the air as I walk to the office in the mornings. I was therefore pleased to find this camel coloured coat in a charity shop a few days ago. It was in my size and in excellent condition. It cost me £10.00 but it will keep me nice and snug each morning. It is of a wool/terylene mix and is also waterproof for when we get wetter periods.

Is it getting cooler where you are yet? (unless you are lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Blue Shirt

Nothing very exciting to report this week. My only charity shop find recently was this blue shirt. It cost me £2.00 and is casual in appearance, ideal for holidays.  It is in mainly cotton and has a George label.

The weather has turned colder here in the UK and I doubt if I will be wearing this shirt very often without a cardigan or jacket.

The flowers are coming to an end earlier than usual in the garden this year and a few days ago I removed the tomato and cucumber plants from the greenhouse as they had finished cropping. The runner beans may last a few more weeks.

We are wondering if the early onset of autumn will mean a colder winter this year. We have had very little snow for about 5 years.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Walk in the Woods

The recent Bank Holiday weekend was unusually warm and sunny so we all decided to go for a walk in the countryside and the footpath we followed lead us to a lovely natural woodland. Hannah took her camera as usual and took these photos for my blog with some nature pictures for a school assignment.
This top was from a bargain bin in a charity shop - it was a £1. I am unlikely to keep it though as I have some concerns with the design being slightly see through particularly when wet and consequently having modesty issues. It will be donated back so it can be sold again to help the charity. It shows that we all make mistakes!
My trousers were new from Primark. They are in lightweight cotton and I thought that they would be ideal for warmer weather. Sadly, it has been cool and wet here in the UK so I have not worn them as much as I had hoped. The dusky pink colour is a new one for me. The trousers are super comfy and cost me about £15.00.

Do you like this outfit?

Friday, 1 September 2017

Polkadots & Blue

At least we have had some warm sunny weather here in the UK as we said goodbye to August and move into September.

My charity shop find this week is this polkadot top which, although not easy to see in the picture, also has blue lines between the dots. The top cost me £1.50.

I have teamed it with this royal blue pencil skirt which I bought for £2.50 a few weeks ago. The skirt started life in M & S.

The sandals were a present from my husband for my birthday.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Autumn Top

My latest charity shop find is this top. It is fairly loose fitting and has autumnal colours in the design. The top cost be £1.50 on a bargain rail. It is sad that we are talking of autumn already but it will be the first of September next week. Apart from a week in June we have not really experienced any really warm long settled periods this year so summer has been  little disappointing.
The brown, gold and green colours on a white background means that the top goes well with my summer trousers. The belt is more decorative than functional but it adds a little interest to the outfit - we were out for a family meal when Hannah took these photos. The cool damp summer weather meant that I wore these trousers more than summer dresses this year which is a shame.

Perhaps we will get a warm sunny autumn!